The succesful recent Spanish Thriller.

My name is Margaret McGregor

Six years ago I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital with severe traumatic shock. Apparently, I tried to murder my husband in a jealous rage.

As a result, my mind has been fragmented and I suffer from a rare type of amnesia that makes my brain create false memories.

I have married again, I have a baby daughter and I live in a nice house in Edinburgh where I am trying to build a new life, closing doors to the past and what happened that tragic night.

But I am not happy. Something has me in suspense, distraught., and I have the strange certainty that my life is not what it appears to be.

Worried about the possible relapse, I sought help from my psychiatrist, my husband and a stranger who claims to be my best friend and whom I do not recognize – but I do not trust them. I suspect they are hiding something from me, that for some reason they don´t tell me the whole truth.

According to the doctors, everything points to an intensification of my illness, or at least, that is what they are trying to make me believe. But what if it wasn´t? What if I´m not crazy? If I´ve never been? And if someone is trying to manipulate my mind with some dark purpose? What if they are medicating me with the intent to lock me up again?

I know I´m weak, mentally unstable, but I know I’m not crazy.

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Domingo Terroba

Domingo Terroba’s literary debut came when he co-wrote Tardes con Lazaro (‘Evenings with Lazarus’), a bestseller published by Random House and translated into several languages.  The researching of that book stimulated in Domingo and deep interest in religion which led him to pursue studies in Theology and later in the history or Judaism and early Christianity.  Other commitments meant that he took a break from writing and then spent several years travelling the world and experiencing different cultures.  During his stay on North America, he wrote Recuerdos de Otra Vida (‘Memories of Another Life’) a fictional novel based on his experiences of that time.  Years later, he moved to Edinburgh, the city in which he now lives.  After extensive research based on earlier personal experiences while there he wrote Oculto en la Memoria (‘Where the Secrets are Hidden’), his first psychological thriller, newly out in English.  His latest work, A Los Ojos de Dios has just been published in Spain and sold 5000 copies in the first month alone.

Deeply. Unsettling. Stucturally brilliant.

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New Thriller

More than 5000 copies sold

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The succesful recent Spanish Thriller.

Tense. Gripping.

Deeply. Unsettling.

Stucturally brilliant.

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